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Berea College Archives

The College Archives includes official records, publications, oral histories, personal papers, and photographs which document the College's founding and history since 1855. Of particular importance are the college's Abolitionist founding, interracial history, and commitment to serving the southern Appalachian region.

Direct access to selected Berea College Archives material is provided by Berea Digital.

A portion of the Berea College Archives related to the college's founding, connections to the Abolitionist Movement, and the Day Law controversy, are available digitally through the database Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007 by Adam Matthew. To browse these online collections, click here.


RG 1 Founders & Founding
  Records and papers relating to the early history of the College and to individuals first associated with the institution, generally prior to 1868.
RG 2 Board of Trustees
  Minutes, correspondence and official records of the Board of Trustees and their committees. Biographical information on individual Board members is located in Record Group 09.
RG 3 Presidents
  Records and papers of the presidents of Berea College.
RG 4 College Deans / Provosts
  Official records and papers of the chief academic officers of Berea College. Records of the Deans of Berea's various allied schools and other administrative units are located in record groups 5 and 6.
RG 5 Administrative Divisions
  Records of divisions primarily concerned with the general business and service aspects of the college.
RG 6 Academic Divisions
  Records of divisions primarily concerned with the educational programs of the college.
RG 7 Campus Organizations
  Organizations, clubs, and societies associated with the college regardless of whether their members are students, staff, faculty, or mixed.
RG 8 Students
  Non-official information on individuals who attended any Berea division or school (Normal, Foundation, College, etc.). Files on students who later became faculty or staff members are located in Record Group 9.
RG 9 Faculty and Staff
  Official records and biographical files on faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees.
RG 10 Committees, Projects, Reports
  Records and reports of committees and projects that are not directly or solely sponsored by a division of the college on a continuing basis.
RG 11 Awards, Conferences, and Programs
  Material documenting regular events such as Convocations, Mountain Day, and Commencement, as well as occasional events such as plays, concerts, or conferences. Several discreet collections exist within this large record group.
RG 12 Publications
  Regular college publications such as the "Alumnus", "Pinnacle", "Chimes", "College Catalog", "Bi-Weekly Calendar." and any occasional publications for which a sponsoring division cannot be determined.
RG 13 Associated Items
  Materials that do not reasonably fit elsewhere within the various Berea College record groups, but are intimately connected with the College's history.
BC PH Berea College Photographic Archives
  Photographic prints, negatives, and slides documenting the College. General collection arranged by Record Group. Some items, especially Buildings and Grounds photographs, are available through the Berea College Photographic Archives in Berea Digital.

Finding Aid for News Bureau/Public Relations Photographic Archives, c1973-2003.


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