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Guide to E. H. Fairchild Papers, Series I - VI

Accession Number: RG 3.01
E H Fairchild (1815-1889)
Papers: 1860-1955
Bulk Dates: 1860-1894
.81 linear feet

Series Description

Series I - Personal
Series II - Correspondence
Series III - Addresses and Sermons
Series IV - Printed Material
Series V - Miscellaneous
Series VI - Photographs

Access and Use

Provenance: Members of the Berea College administration and the Fairchild family donated some of these materials, while others were preserved as they became available by College librarians.

Preferred Citation: E. H. Fairchild Papers, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, Ky.

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Series Description
1 Manuscript Box

Series I Personal Box 1

This series includes biographical information about President E H Fairchild and his family, especially during his years at Berea. In addition to his own memoir about his wife, there are recollections from a grandson, Frederick Hall; his brother, J H Fairchild; a granddaughter, Bertha Lauder; faculty colleagues; an anonymous student; and President Frost. Also included is a 1973 article about Fairchild by the Rev. Dr. Harley Patterson, recollections about Arthur Fairchild and his family, a newspaper account of Charles Fairchild and the Fairchild Spring, published materials by or about prominent nephews, and a legal record relating to his sister-in law's will.
  1. Printed memorial to Fairchild; Robertson's holograph note on Fairchild; 1920 statement on Fairchild's presidency by Frost, from Frost's Farewell Report (1 page); Anonymous recollections of a student who attended Berea during the latter part of President Fairchild's administration. Principal Hunting's remarks on Fairchild, 1890. Clipping from Louisville Transcript, "Two Strong Men . . .", 1890, by JHH [Hayward]. Clipping of President Frost's reflections at the cemetery monument to Fairchild.
  2. Typed copy of Frederick F. Hall's letter to William G. Frost (1925), Berea's third president; interview with Frederick Hall (1944). Hall's reminiscences on the occasion of renaming Ladies Hall ( Pinnacle, 1934); accounts of Frederick and Anna Hall following their accidental death.
  3. Typescript recollections by Fairchild about his wife, Maria Babbit Fairchild, with letter of transmittal from Frederick F. Hall (ms-n.d., Hall letter-1936); also a holograph. Ancestors of Maria Babbit Fairchild, researched by Richard Sears.
  4. Extracts about the "Oberlin Lynching" from J. H. Fairchild's publications (JH was brother to EH, and president of Oberlin College.See also # 3, above)
  5. A copy of Bertha Fairchild Lauder's "A Child Remembers Berea in the 70's" (ca. 1946, 64 pages) and the edited version printed by Berea College. Correspondence of Ruth Lauder with Berea College about her mother's memoir. Typed extract of pp. 29-53 of the manuscript, describing Maria Babbit Fairchild. Obituary of Bertha Fairchild Lauder.
  6. Article for the Berea Citizen (1928), describing the dedication of Fairchild Spring and the Fairchild family's part establishing it. Clipping about the Fairchild Roost.
  7. Account of Fairchild's life, citing sources, prepared by the Rev. Harley Patterson, DD (1973).
  8. Pages from a diary maintained by Phoebe Haynes, E.H. Fairchild's niece by marriage, with annotations by F.F. Hall (20 small pages, March, 1885). Haynes was employed in the Music Department at Oberlin and made a trip to Berea for a musical program. Also a note on her sister Caroline Willard Haynes, who taught at Berea, attributed to W.E. Barton.
  9. Three letters by grandsons Henry Pratt Fairchild and F.F. Hall (1931, 1936), along with copies or reprints of miscellaneous articles by H.P.F. from Harper's, The Forum, Atlantic, etc., and clippings about his daughter; articles about EHF's nephew David Fairchild, his books, and the Fairchild Gardens; and a booklet published by the Rev. E.M. Fairchild, nephew.
  10. Reminiscences of Mrs. R. W. McLeod, 1946, recalling Arthur Fairchild, Julia Fairchild, and other family members. Letter from Grace Ohl (great granddaughter of EHF) about the location of family Bibles.
  11. List of legatees of Helen V Fairchild, sister-in-law. Obituary of Walter Fairchild, grandson. Clipping re visit to Berea by Dr. Fred Fairchild, grandson.
  12. Genealogy of the Fairchild family, with biographical information, compiled by Prof. Richard Sears of Berea College, from immigrant ancestor Thomas Fairchild, Sr., through the grandchildren of President Edward Henry Fairchild.
Series II Correspondence Box 1, cont.

This series consists of original correspondence Edward Henry Fairchild wrote or received, most of it from the period when he was president of Berea College, along with a couple of commendations of the school. Some letters are originals, but most are copies. One letter attributed to SC Armstrong praises Berea and President Fairchild, but probably was addressed to someone else.

  • Two handwritten letters from E.H.F. to Brother Pratt [Almon B. Pratt, Trustee], August 3, 10, 1870
  • Holograph draft of a description of Berea, evidently for a publicity circular
  • A series of nine letters received by E.H.F. relating to a donation to Berea by Charles F. Dike (1872-1877); typed transcripts.
  • A typed transcript of a letter of E.H.F. to Charles G. Finney (July 10, 1860, 3 pages).
  • A letter of E.H.F. and Maria Babbit Fairchild to "their children," W.E. Barton and Etta F. Barton (November 21, 1887). Holograph and transcript.
  • An invitation from E.H.F. to Robert G. Hutchins (father of Berea's fourth president, William J. Hutchins), to speak at the 1882 commencement. (February 4, 1882).
  • A recommendation of Berea by A. P. Peabody, of Cambridge.
  • A letter from Henry B Rogers, of Boston, in response to a visit by the man he supposed to be EHF, but who must have been his son, Eugene P. Fairchild, who beccame the financial agent for Berea College in 1889.
  • An incomplete letter praising Fairchild and Berea, perhaps from General S.C. Armstrong, a founder of Hampton Institute.


Series III Addresses and Sermons Box 1, cont.

Fairchild's great hopes for the students that came to Berea, both black and white, are evident in these printed copies of addresses he made directly to the Berea student body and the Berea community. His influence extended beyond Berea, however, through the publications of the American Missionary Association, articles published elsewhere, and his communications with others who were also endeavoring to meet the needs of those with little means. Some documents in this series point to that wider audience.
  • Printed copies (6) of the inaugural addresses given by Fee and Fairchild in 1869, when EHF became President, along with typed extracts from Fairchild's address.
  • Printed copies of E.H.F.'s baccalaureate sermons at Berea in1878 and 1881 (4).
  • Typed extracts from Fairchild's comments during a conference at Fisk University in 1881 (Dec. 26-28), probably drawn from a printed record or minutes of the conference.
  • AMA pamphlet with Fairchild's article, "God's Design for and through the Negro Race."
  • Typed quotations from Fairchild's annual reports of Berea's commencements in the American Missionary, from 1874, 1879, and 1885.
  • "What Career for the Negro?" (3 reprints from Sunday Afternoon)
Series IV Printed Material Box 1, cont.

Publicity circulars and advertisements of courses available at Berea College from the first 7 years of Fairchild's presidency, along with Fairchild's history of the founding of Berea and an address by his brother, urging that religious feeling be directed towards social action.


  • Circular, 1869: a brief history of Berea College
  • Circular, 1870: includes list of faculty (2)
  • An appeal, 1871: includes recommendations from prominent supporters
  • Circular, 1870: list of faculty includes Julia Britton, Kate Gilbert
  • Annual Circular, 1874: Illustrated with engravings of Ladies Hall, Howard Hall, and Chapel.
  • Annual Circular, 1875: Illustrated with engravings of Ladies Hall and Howard Hall
  • Circular, 1877-78.
  • 1874 reprint of address by JH Fairchild, President of Oberlin College, to the National Council of Congregational Churches: Needed Phases of Christianity
  • EH Fairchild. Berea College: An Interesting History, 1876. A printed appeal for assistance for the college is tipped in, with a handwritten note to President Tuttle, then president of Hanover(?) College.
Series V Miscellaneous Box 1, cont.

This series consists of documents and clippings, including reminiscences of women teachers at Berea from former students; descriptions of a rally to raise money for Berea in New York; notes by Elizabeth Peck; and impressions of Berea's commmencement exercises.


  • Half page report by E.H.F. to Berea College Board of Trustees (July, 1878).
  • Summary of funds raised by various financial officers, including EH Fairchild and his sons Charles and Eugene.
  • Nina Lawson's teaching experiences at Bear Wallow School
  • Henry Allen Laine (1926), a black student who became a teacher, writing about the women teachers of Berea in the late 19th century, including Mrs. Eugene Fairchild
  • "Comes the glad Noel," song for recorder and voice sent as Christmas greeting by the Ravlins.
  • Letter from Kirke Smith, a black student, recalling meeting Kate Gilbert at a Christmas dinner at the Eugene Fairchild home.

17. Blueprint of a bronze plaque honoring Fairchild, dated 1929. [Was this for the dedication of Ladies Hall as Fairchild Hall?]

18. Clippings describing a 1969 meeting at Cooper's Union in New York designed to raise money for Berea; John G Fee, EH Fairchild, and Henry Ward Beecher were among those speaking.

  • The New York Herald
  • The Congregationalist
  • The N. Y Tribune

19. Clippings describing commencement week events at Berea:

  • 1875, a Massachusetts paper
  • 1883: The Kentucky Register
  • 1883 The Republican of Mt. Vernon, Ohio

20. Packets of notes Elizabeth Peck took on the Fairchild era for her book, Berea's First Century

Series VI Photographs Box 2

Included here are views of the Fairchild family and house; Berea College students, buildings, and campus scenes; as well as views of the surrounding area. A family album with captions and a number of loose prints comprise the series.

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