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Record Group 12 - Publications

This record group contains all major, regular college publications, the importance of which transcends the sponsoring division, or those directed at the wider public in addition to the campus community. Many of these publications are available in the main library and can be found in the BANC catalog. Other minor publications whose sponsoring division cannot be specifically determined are also housed in this record group.


  Berea Alumnus / Berea College Magazine

April 1931 to the present.
In 2001, the name of the Berea Alumnus was changed to Berea College Magazine.

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  Berea College Catalog

1866 to present.
Includes lists of faculty and staff, rules and regulations, campus policies, program requirements, graduation requirments, course catalog, and other information documenting the college's academic operations.




  Berea College Handbook

1948 to 2007.
The Handbook provides a reference for students, faculty members, and administrative staff regarding policies, procedures, rules, and regulation in various areas of campus life. The current handbook is available online.

Link to Current Berea College Handbook




  Berea Review (Defunct)
  1973 to 1991.




In 1923, the Chimes became the official name of the Berea College Yearbook. Prior to 1923, a few scattered senior books and remembrances used the names My Me, Pinnacle, Chymes, and Senior Memories. A copy of each Chimes should be available in the Reference Area of Hutchins Library.

(Access 1929-1970 through Berea Digital - lesser quality images; searching across all volumes; text is in the process of being corrected.)
(Access 1929-1970 through Internet Archive - better quality images; searching limited to one volume at a time; text is not exact)




  1922 to present.
Campus newspaper. Current year available in Newspapers/Periodical section of Hutchins Library.




  1997 to present.
Publication doucmenting professional development and achievements of Berea College Faculty. Currently published by the Office of the Dean of Faculty.



  The Wallpaper (Defunct)
  Former campus newspaper.



  12.12 - The Blue Sheet (Defunct)
  1966 to 2003.
Served as the Berea College Staff/Employee Newsletter; published by the News Bureau, then beginning in January 1999, by the Department of Public Relations. The newsletter went to electronic form in 2001 and was discontinued in 2003.



  Berea Quarterly (Defunct)

1895 to 1916.
Served as a news and promotional publication for Berea College.

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  12.23 - Berea Evangelist (Defunct)

1884 to 1887
Former promotional newspaper of Berea College. The Berea Evangelist includes articles by Berea College founders, faculty, donors, and friends (such as John G. Fee) on many subjects, such as prohibition, Christian values, interracial education and other important issues of the time.

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  12.24 - Berea Reporter (Defunct)
  1885 to 1893.
Former promotional newspaper of Berea College.



  Berea Way (Defunct)
  1940 to 1976.
Former admissions and promotional publication of Berea College.



  Alumni Catalog (Historical Register)

Lists alumni of Berea College. First published in 1904 and 1916 as Historical Register. Later editions, from 1929 forward, published as Alumni Catalogue or Directory.

BANC Call No. - 378.7691 B487ad

- Historical Register, 1904
- Historical Register, 1916
- Alumni Catalogue, 1929


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