Boone Trail Highway Markers in Berea, Kentucky

There are two Daniel Boone Trail Highway markers located in Berea, Kentucky.

The first, shown below, is attached to the south exterior wall of the Boone Tavern Hotel. The Boone Tavern is located on the northeast corner of Prospect (KY Hwy 21)and Main (KY Hwy 595) Streets in Berea. It was built in 1909 and is owned and operated by Berea College.

A second marker is located at the intersection of Estill Street (US Hwy 25) and Main Street (KY Hwy 595) on the northeast corner. It is less than 100yds. from the Boone Tavern Marker. It is shown below.

There is a different kind of marker, placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution, about 30 yds from the marker on Boone Tavern. It is shown here.

Boone Trail Highway Markers are also located nearby in Richmond, Kentucky, on the Courthouse Square; and in Fort Boonesburough State Park, Madison County, Kentucky.

The complete story of these markers, and a list of all those located so far, is at [In 2012 this website appears to be dead] According to the site...

There were originally 358 of these Boone Trail Highway tablets made and placed from Virginia Beach, Virginia, to San Francisco, California. They were done by Mr. J. Hampton Rich of Mocksville, North Carolina, whose Boone Memorial Association had as its objective the raising of the Boone reputation and its memory in the American consciousness.

He was not specifically interested in marking a known pathway of the pioneer, he was primarily interested in keeping his memory alive. But many were placed in strategic Daniel Boone places, such as at the beginning of the Cumberland Gap Trail and known places where Daniel had lived. But many were also placed in places that Boone never trod.

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