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1981-- Cliff Kerby takes office as mayor. He is currently Berea's third mayor.

1984--John B. Stephenson becomes Berea College's seventh president.

John B. Stephenson was a sociologist and Appalachian scholar. During his Presidency Berea College reaffirmed its leadership role within the region. Existing outreach programs were expanded, and new programs were created to meet regional edcucational needs. Stephenson also opened Berea to another underserved population, Tibetan students living in exile in India.

1990--Berea, KY: population 9,126

1994--The Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, visits Berea's campus.
The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, the spiritual leader of the world's Mahayana Buddists and the head of state of the exiled government of Tibet, His Holiness visited Kentucky during a rare trip to the U.S.

1995--Larry Shinn becomes Berea College's eighth president.

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1986--Poultry farm closes

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1981--A baffling new disease (AIDS) begins appearing in the U.S.
1986--Shuttle Challenger explodes, killing 6 astronauts and teacher, Christa McAuliffe.
1986--Nuclear reactor explodes in Chernobyl.

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1985--Coca-cola announces a new formula. Mass protests and boycotts force the company to reintroduce the original formula.

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