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1963--Berea College Country Dancers meet President Kennedy.
Berea College has promoted folk crafts and music for many years. The Country Dancers were organized in 1938 by Frank Smith to represent the College at folk festivals, and to encourage this form of recreation in mountain communities. Today this student dance troupe performs their repertoire of traditional dances worldwide.

1967--Willis D. Weatherford becomes the sixth president of Berea College.
Weatherford was the first Berea College President from the South. He led the college to adopt Great Commitments as an official statement of its mission. Working with faculty, staff and students, he sought to make all aspects of Berea reflect these historical aims in ways that were relevant to the present, revising or enriching many programs. On campus, his vision of a "better, not a bigger Berea" resulted in new buildings and several building renovations.

1968--Berea Community School opens. Berea closes its foundation school.

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1965--Creamery closes
1965--Pottery program closes
1970--Ceramic Apprentice Program initiated
1970--College dairy herd sold
1970--Candy Kitchen closes
1974--Bakery closes
1977-Wrought Iron established

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1968--Foxfire Magazine, forerunner of the Foxfire series of books, begins in Rabun Gap, GA.

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1963--President John F. Kennedy is assasinated.
1968--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy are assasinated.
1969--Neil Armstrong is the first person to walk on the moon.

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1964--"Beatlemania" sweeps across America
1978--Religious sect led by Jim Jones commits mass suicide; 914 die.

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