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1939--Francis Hutchins becomes the fifth president of Berea College.
Francis Hutchins was the son of Berea's fourth President, William J. Hutchins. He pursued a course of refining what he called the "foundation stones" of Berea College-tuition-free education for students with financial need from the Southern Mountains; a utilitarian yet educational labor program; and community life based on christian values and service to others.

1950--legislative amending of the Day Law allowed certain integration.
1954--Day Law invaladated, allowing blacks to attend Berea College once again.
1957--C. Clinton Hensly becomes Berea's second mayor. He held his office until 1981.

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1938--Creamery Plant built

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1933--TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) established
1939--Kentucky and Licking rivers flood, killing 78 people. 1949--Federal district judge ordered University of Kentucky to admit negroes.

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1939--World War II begins in Europe, the US enter 1941, after bombing of Pearl Harbor
1953--Vaccine for polio is developed by Jonas Salk
1957-First satellite, Sputnik, orbits earth.

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1944--First large-scale digital computer is developed.
1954--RCA began selling the first TV sets
1958--Hula hoops are the rage

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