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1902--Berea College Brick Plant opened.
Berea student bricklayers were employed in the construction of the State Capital in Frankfort.
The Brick plant closed in 1907.

1904--Day Law passed prohibiting interracial education.
1906--BC committee recomends a new school for blacks be built.

1909--Boone Tavern Hotel opens, employing students as waiters, cooks, maids and clerks. (See Berea Stories exhibit for more information.)
1910--Lincoln Institute is established as an independent institution for black students by Berea officials near Louisville.
1911--Berea Foundation School is set up.

1920--William J. Hutchins becomes the fourth president of Berea College.
When William Hutchins took office in 1920, only 9 percent of Berea's 2,700 students were in the College Department. He began a reorganization that increased programs and enrollment at the College level, reduced the size and scope of other programs, and eliminated the Vocational School. A strong supporter of Berea's Labor Program, Hutchins made it more efficient and helped shape it into its current form. The College's campus took on much of its present appearance as well during Hutchins' Presidency, with the addition of almost one major building a year from 1920 through 1939.

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1902--Fireside Industries
1904-1906--Students in the Vocational Carpentry course built Phelps-Stokes Chapel.

1913--The college bakery was begun in Fairchild Hall. It flourished through the depression, having 54 employees delivering to 11 firms in Berea by 1938.

1920--Broomcraft opens as a "productive industry" for boys. It was a "stabilizing industry" which, for its first ten years, provided needed employment for 175 boys during the winter term and could employ fewer during seasons when students were needed to do necessary work on the farms, gardens, and on constructions projects. Broomcraft still exist today, and makes 28 different brooms.
1925--A full-fledged furniture making industry was created.

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1920--Matewan Massacre takes place in Matewan, WV between coal miners and the coal company.

Photo: Mountain Miners c.1910 These men are using whale oil lamps to light their way.

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1912--Titanic strikes an iceberg and sinks.
1913--Henry Ford develops the moving assembly line.
1914--The Model T is introduced.
1917--U.S. enters World War I.
1929--Stock Market Crashes, beginning the Great Depression.

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1907--Electromic washing machine invented by Alva J. Fisher.
1920--Introduction of Chevrolet Automobile.
1923--Traffic signal invented and patented by Garrett Morgan.

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