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1890--William B. Stewart becomes the second president of Berea College.(photo right)
Dr. Stewart was a member of Berea's Board of Trustees when he was chosen President. He was a Scottish minister and edcucator who had spent most of his professional life working for various Baptist organizations. Stewart thought the mountains needed preachers as well as teachers, and a Biblical Department was added to the College. While Stewart excelled as a scholar and teacher of ministerial studies, he lacked interest in the fundraising duties of his office. This and personal problems led him to resign after only two years as President. He remained a Berea trustee until 1895.
1890--Berea incorporated as a sixth class town.
1900--Berea, KY: population 762.

1892--William G. Frost becomes Berea's third President.(photo left)
Frost developed an interest in the education needs of Appalachia shortly after becoming President. When black students could no longer attend Berea after Kentucky's Day Law went into effect in 1904, Frost increased his efforts on behalf of the mountain region. He brought national attention to Appalachia and Berea, increased enrollment from 354 to 2,780 students, and greatly expanded the campus. "Defying conventionality" as he said, Frost developed a variety of innovative programs in five separate schools to educate "both the scholar and the man with the hoe".

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1893--Berea College begins craft barter system.
1894--Beginnings of Fireside Industries.
1896-- "Homespun Fair" on Commencement Day begins BC Woodworking tradition. This department becomes a student industry, Woodcraft, in 1937.

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1882--Hatfield & McCoy feud erupts.
1884--First major coal mine disaster.
1900--Migration of families from mountains to textile mills; recruitment of blacks for labor.

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1881--Tuskegee Institute in Alabama is opened by Booker T. Washington.
1886--First Civil Rights Act passed.
1886--Statue of Liberty is dedicated.
1889--Eiffel Tower completed in Paris.
1896--First modern Olympic Games.
1898--Spanish-American War.

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1888--George Eastman developes first Kodak camara using roll film.
1888--Ball-point pen invented by John Loud.
1895--X-Ray developed by Wilhelm Roentgen.

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