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Woven Coverlet Sampler, ca. 1910

Wooven Coverlet, Blooming Leaf Pattern, linen and wool, commercial fabric dyes, ca. 1910 Berea College Fireside Industries Loom Room, ca. 1920
Weaving began formally at Berea College about 1890, when President W. G. Frost invited Appalachian families to sell traditional coverlets through the College to help pay fof their children's education. This enterprise became Berea College Fireside Industries. Later, as the Berea College Labor Program took shape, students also began to weave. The weavings were marketed all over the U.S. This coverlet sampler shows what the same pattern looks like in many different colors. Students still weave to help pay for their education at Berea College Fireside Industries.

Photograph Courtesy of Berea College Special Collections