Curriculum Vitae

Christopher A. Miller
Berea, Kentucky



  • Museum Director, Berea College Appalachian Museum, Berea, Kentucky
    October 1993 to May 1999
    Provide leadership for the transformation and reorientation of the museum from a collections-based program to a client-centered educational institution. Direct a staff of full-time and student employees (16 people, six FTEs). Responsibilities include visioning, planning, developing, and implementing a diverse and innovative college museum program. Special challenges include utilizing a primarily student staff to produce quality museum work and developing an on-line virtual museum gallery. Authored successful IMS-GOS and local grant applications. Serve as an active member of the Berea College community, including election to the faculty Executive Council, Chair of the Campus Information Resources Committee, member of the Strategic Planning Subcommittee on Appalachian Outreach and Service Learning Programs, and various ad hoc committees. When the college decided to close the facility, I planned and implemented the closing.
  • Exhibit Curator, Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, Minnesota
    September 1990 to September 1993
    Served as Project Director/Exhibit Developer for large portion of $6 the million start-up exhibit program at the new Minnesota History Center, opened October 1992, and on projects at MHS historic sites located around the state. Responsible for working with designers, crafts persons, academic historians, conservators, educators, and administrators to move large exhibit projects from concept to opening. Responsibilities also included co-development of overall interpretive plan, authoring grants and funding requests, management of budgets and schedules, scripting and artifact selection, audience research, and exhibit evaluation. Authored successful $328,000 NEH exhibit implementation grant.
  • Director, Houdini Historical Center, Appleton, Wisconsin
    May 1990 to September 1990
    (concurrent appointment with below) Provided leadership for the start-up of a new organization, especially interpretive planning. Developed and implemented collections management policies and procedures for archival and three-dimensional artifacts. Worked with the magician, magic collector, and local communities to ensure support and success of the project.
  • Head Curator, Outagamie Museum, Appleton, Wisconsin
    July 1986 to September 1990
    Managed day to day museum gallery operation. Developed and implemented collections policies and procedures for 50,000 item historical collection containing archival, library, and 3-D materials. Collaborator on successful NEH, IMS, MAP, corporate, and foundation grants. Directed development and installation of three-year, $700,000 start-up exhibit program including research, conceptual outline, and selection of artifacts. Worked closely with community and its leaders to build museum support and volunteer corps.
  • Graduate Intern, Georgia Southern College Museum, Statesburo, Georgia
    June 1985 to August 1985
    Served as assistant to the Director. Researched, designed and installed two exhibits in college museum setting. Involved in day to day museum operation.

Awards & Fellowships:

  • Society for the History of Technology: Dibner Award for Excellence in Exhibiting the History of Technology and Culture, 1988 awarded for "Tools of Change" at the Outagamie Museum
  • Hagley Museum and Library: Hagley Graduate Fellowship August 1984 to May 1986
  • Hagley Museum and Library: Trustees Award Outstanding Hagley U of D Graduate Student of 1986
  • University of Delaware: Bloch Graduate Fellowship 1985-1986


I have played a variety of roles on a large and diverse group of over 30 exhibit projects including:
  • Gallery V (For Virtual). (Berea College). Opened March 1995, a long-term virtual gallery on the World Wide Web: Roles: Developer, Project Manager.
  • Grainland (Minnesota History Center) Opened March 1994, Budget $350,000. Roles: Concept Developer, Project Leader during design development phase. A large-scale interactive experience based on the functioning of grain elevators. Adults and children climb and crawl through the multi-story structure as if they were the grain. Exhibit elements along the way interpret the history and function of these archetypal Midwestern structures.
  • Manoominikewin: Stories of Wild Ricing (Minnesota History Center) Opened May 1993 closed 1999, Budget $640,000, Roles: Grant Author, Developer, Curator, Project Manager. Cited as the MHS's "premier educational experience."
  • Houdini (Houdini Historical Center) Opened April 1989. Budget $100,000. Roles: Developer, Curator, Designer, Production Manager. A major interpretive exhibit on the life and career of Harry Houdini featuring a world class artifact collection.
  • The Paper Shop (Outagamie Museum) Opened April 1988. Budget $10,000. Permanent hands-on and demonstration center for methods of 18th C. hand paper making. Roles: Developer, Designer, Project Manager.
  • Tools of Change: The Work, Workers, and Tools of the Lower Fox River Valley (Outagamie Museum) Opened in phases April 1987 and April 1988. Budget $450,000. Roles: Phase I - Researcher, Curator; Phase II - Researcher, Curator, Project Manager. A major interpretive exhibit on regional history as seen through the eyes of technological change.

Other Professional Activities:

  • Articles published in History Today, an Outagamie Museum publication; Voyageur, a NE Wisconsin regional history publication; Keynotes, a national publication; and The Mystifier, a national publication.
  • Board Member, Kentucky Assocation of Museums, 1993-1997
  • Papers given at:
    • Society for the History of Technology, National Conference, 1986
    • Magic Collectors' Association National Convention, 1989
    • Southeastern Museums Conference, Annual Conference, 1995
    • Historical Confederation of Kentucky, Annual Conference, 1995
    • Kentucky Association of Museums Annual Conference, 1995, 1996
    • Inside Teaching, Berea College Teaching Colloquium, 1997
  • Consulting & Volunteer work for the
    • Atwater-Kent Museum, Philadelphia, PA
    • Historical Society of Delaware, Wilmington, DE
    • Seymour Community Historical Society, Seymour, WI
    • Black Creek Historical Society, Black Creek, WI
    • Dallas Historical Society, Dallas, TX
  • Participation in Cycle 4 (1996-97) and Consulting for Cycle 5 (1997-98) of Communication Across the College, an 18 month faculty development course exploring teaching and learning in the undergraduate environment.

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