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Wed, Aug 12, 2020
Peanut Butter & Gender
(Educational Opportunity)

Channeling Justice in South Africa: Forgotten Histories, Untold Stories and Marginalized Perspectives
Dr. Elna Boesak, prominent South African investigative journalist, offers a feminist perspective on the role of South Africa's media and the practical realization of the constitution's guarantee for women's rights and LGBTQIIA+ communities' rights in the new democracy. For over three decades, Elna Boesak has produced award-winning documentaries on politically sensitive issues, from HIV/AIDS to illegal "backstreet "abortions and the socio/economic roots of gang violence. During Apartheid, she traveled into conflictive zones in order to expose the violence and corruption of the white supremacist regime. Her five-part radio documentary series on the history of slavery provides valuable insight into the consequences of 150 years of slavery in South Africa. More recently, she has investigated Christian fundamentalist broadcasting (televangelism) and its implications for gender equality and the empowerment of women in a post-Apartheid South Africa.

Location: Draper Hall 106
Sponsor: Women's and Gender Studies
Contact: Kimberly Saderholm
E-Mail saderholmk@berea.edu
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