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Tue, Aug 4, 2020
Civic Engagement Across the Disciplines Lunch Series - Fridays in February!
(Educational Opportunity)

During February, CELTS is hosting a series of discussions and workshops to explore how academic courses across the disciplines can be launching points for building civic engagement skills among students.

Friday, February 16: "If you don't want to burn out, stop living as if you're on fire!": Self-care tools for civically engaged scholars and students

Presenter: Dr. Amanda Wyrick (Psychology)

Research indicates that individuals who navigate spaces of activism and social change, within and outside of the classroom, are more effective when they engage in self-care activities. These activities offer multiple benefits yet often leave individuals feeling like they have one more thing on their to-do list. In this presentation, Dr. Amanda Wyrick will present information on the negative effects of burnout and compassion fatigue. In addition, participants will be guided through strategies that can enhance mental well-being and work satisfaction. The session will end with a focus on resilience, organizational prevention strategies, and implications for educators and activists.

Location: Room 208, Stephenson Hall
Sponsor: Administration
Contact: Ashley Cochrane
E-Mail ashley_cochrane@berea.edu
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