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Thu, Aug 6, 2020
Mundo Monthly!
(Educational Opportunity)

Ethnography and the New Europe: Chinese Migrants and the Made in Italy Brand

The coveted "Made in Italy" label calls to mind visions of nimble-fingered Italian tailors lovingly sewing elegant, high-end clothing. The phrase evokes a sense of authenticity, heritage, and rustic charm. Yet Chinese migrants are sewing "Made in Italy" labels into low-cost items for a thriving fast-fashion industry-all the while adding new patterns to the social fabric of Italy's iconic fashion industry.

This presentation brings to the fore the tensions-over value, money, beauty, family, care, and belonging-that are reaching a boiling point as the country struggles to deal with the same migration pressures that are triggering backlash all over Europe and North America.

Elizabeth L. Krause
Director European Field Studies Program
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Woods Penn Commons
Dinner will be served

Location: Woods Penn Commons
Sponsor: Center for International Education
Contact: Tania Robinson
E-Mail tania_robinson@berea.edu
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