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Sat, Aug 15, 2020
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My work is a balance of thoughtful observation, memory, and ample invention, drawing information from a variety of sources. It focuses on experiencing a place, both in person and through recollection. Constructed out of scattered fragments of light and location, these scenes are an invented geography, losing space and site. Specificity of place becomes blurred in a fiction of memories, as coal towns of Appalachia become indistinct from Italian villages. These landscapes are presented through a lens of recollection, distorted by nostalgia. By sharing these personal perspectives, the landscape is opened to be reexamined with a fresh interest.

Particularly in my prints, I rely on the translation of process, letting the materials assume partial control of the final image. I enjoy how this process works with the idea of a motif. By pushing the mono-type beyond a single print, each repetition brings new changes, each with their own singularity. Like memories of a place gradually altering themselves, every new print further removes the image from the original, inventing a new landscape.

Sean Ware

Location: Art Building
Sponsor: Art and Art History Department
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