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Today is:
Sat, Aug 15, 2020
Open House & Tryouts for Country Dancers
(Performing Arts)

Open house and try-outs for Country Dancers, Monday and Wednesday, August 29 and 31, 6:30-830 pm, Alumni Activities Room.

We are a friendly group of people who love traditional music and dance, especially from Appalachia/America, the British Isles, and Denmark. Most of the dances we perform and share are social dances, and many do not require any intricate footwork, but instead, use a walking step. No experience is necessary - a positive attitude and some dance aptitude is good - especially if you know your right from your left!

Each dancer is fitted for costumes and receives a pair of dance shoes, as well as T-shirts to wear at events. Performances take place at college events and fall and spring tours.

Next spring, right after graduation, a small group of Country Dancers will travel to Dali and Kunming, in the Yunnan Province of Southwest China on a special tour sponsored by the U.S. State Department! In late June and early July, Country Dancers are going to Denmark to perform at a sports festival and represent the U.S. at the annual Danish July 4th festival, at which Dr. Roelofs will be a featured speaker.

Join us!

Location: Alumni Activities Room
Price: Free!
Sponsor: Berea College Country Dancers
Contact: Deborah Thompson or Sarah Lamping
E-Mail or
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