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Today is:
Thu, Jul 2, 2020
Community-Engaged Scholarship One-Day Writing Retreat
(Educational Opportunity)

This one day writing retreat is designed to provide a space and time for you to work on your community-engaged writing project, and to develop community among colleagues who are also engaged in community-based teaching and scholarship. We will travel to the Maywoods Environmental and Educational Laboratory (http://naturalareas.eku.edu/maywoods-environmental-and-educational-laboratory), for a day of writing and sharing about our community-based scholarly projects. Participants should plan to bring their laptops and any materials needed to work on their writing project. We have been assured that the wireless connection is strong at this retreat center.

Transportation and lunch will be provided. No stipend. Contact Ashley Cochrane by Friday, June 17 to express your interest in participating.

Location: Maywoods Environmental and Educational Laboratory
Sponsor: Administration
Contact: Ashley Cochrane
E-Mail ashley_cochrane@berea.edu
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