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Mon, Jul 6, 2020
"Dandelions and Lawns: The Story of a Complicated Relationship"
(Educational Opportunity)

Join us for Dinner on the Grounds as we welcome Berea's own, Nancy Gift. Dr. Gift is the author of two books on lawn weeds (A Weed by any Other Name, Beacon Press, 2009; Good Weed, Bad Weed, St. Lynn's Press, 2011) and co-author of an environmental science textbook (Environment, Wiley, 2015, 9th edition). She lives with her spouse and two teenage daughters in Berea, where the lawn serves as garden, arboretum, chicken haven, and soccer field.

Although lawns began as a symbol of class and leisure time, for better or worse, lawns are now commonplace, oddly regulated, and potentially far more multi-functional. Our appreciation for dandelions in these lawns is often an indicator of our feelings toward nature, land, class and aesthetics. Dr. Gift will discuss why Berea College is hosting a Dandelion Festival, and why dandelions have an important role in sustainability and the future of Appalachia.

Location: Loyal Jones Appalachian Center Gallery
Sponsor: Administration
Contact: Chris Green
E-Mail chris_green@berea.edu
ext. 3727
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