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Today is:
Sun, Aug 9, 2020
Computer Sci. Internship Talks
(Educational Opportunity)

Two internship talks will be presented during this lunch hour:

Java Script, Web Services and Internhood
by Beza Moges
In summer 2015, Beza completed an internship at Morgan Stanley Inc. as a software developer. During the internship, she enjoyed the bliss of front-end development using Java Script in developing a UI for an in house web application. She also took a pick at the dark world of back-end development through web services. Furthermore, she formed opinions about the good and the bad of the professional world in technology, and in this presentation, she tells all.

Sentence Specificity: Natural Language Classification and the Search for Features
by Bridget O'Daniel
Computers are linear creatures-they are bound to follow deterministic logic and understand only the concepts and decisions that can be broken down accordingly. When humans communicate, a sentence could mean one thing or another based on wording or inflection alone, making natural language incompatible with such limitations. Therefore, how might a computer come to understand this semantic distinction or even approximate these tendencies to create human-imitating generated responses? Natural language processing can tackle this challenge with machine learning through feature extraction and classification. This research focuses on the semantic property of generality and the creation of an annotated corpus for future exploration into its classification.

Please join us!

Location: Hutchins Room (Food Service)
Sponsor: Computer Science Program
Contact: Jan Pearce
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