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Wed, Aug 12, 2020
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Student Phonathon Callers
(Student Events)

Welcome to Berea College's Phonathon! We hope to provide you with a rewarding and challenging experience that will enhance your education at Berea and equip you with valuable skills for life after college. By participating in this Phonathon, you will be a vital part of Berea's fundraising efforts. We greatly appreciate the commitment that you have made to Berea College by agreeing to participate in the Phonathon as a caller.

What is a Phonathon?
As you know, Berea College relies heavily on the generosity of alumni and friends in order to provide a meaningful educational experience to all of our students. Our Phonathon is a way to get in touch with many of those people. For five weeks, we will be calling Berea College supporters, mostly Alumni, so that we can update their information in our records, catch them up on what is happening at Berea, and give them an opportunity to support the work of the College. Each night of the Phonathon, callers will have specific people to call. We will have scripts for you to use that will help you answer typical questions and respond to specific concerns and challenges. Prior to the Phonathon, you will receive extensive training on everything from how to use the software to what to say in a difficult situation. Throughout the entire Phonathon, staff will be on hand to help you with any problem that might arise.

In return for your dedicating your time and talents to the college, we want to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere. With that in mind, we have chosen for this year's theme, Las Vegas. There will be prizes, lots of good food, and opportunities to earn bonus money and prizes. At the end of the Phonathon, we will have a party to celebrate the amazing work you have accomplished. In addition, you will be paid level 4 pay!

2015 Phonathon Dates
Each week includes Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday unless otherwise stated.
Interviews: February 29th-March 4th
Training: March 15th, March 17th, March 20th, & March 22nd
Calling: March 24th - April 24th

Location: Edwards Building; 1st Floor Phonathon Room
Sponsor: Department of Development
Contact: Johanna Hall-Rappolee
E-Mail hallrappoleej@berea.edu
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