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Mon, Aug 10, 2020
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Seeking Nominations for the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award and the William E. Bardusch, Jr. Graduate Scholarship
(Community Service)

Both the Sullivan Award and the Bardusch Scholarship were created by the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation, based in Oxford, Mississippi. The Sullivan Foundation has supported Berea College since 1937 with grants for student scholarships and social entrepreneurship activities. The Foundation sponsors annual awards on more than 60 college campuses to honor the lives and service of Algernon Sydney Sullivan and his wife, Mary Mildred Sullivan. Via the Sullivan awards, the Foundation wishes to recognize individuals whose nobility of character and dedication to service set them apart as examples for others.

Berea College will choose one graduating senior to receive both the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award and the William E. Bardusch, Jr. Graduate Scholarship. The Sullivan Foundation created the Bardusch Scholarship at Berea to honor both the Foundation's longtime president, William E. Bardusch, Jr., and the longstanding partnership between the Foundation and Berea College.

Nominations for the recipient of the Sullivan Award and the Bardusch Scholarship may come from students, faculty, or staff. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

*Nominee must be a graduating senior who plans to enroll in graduate school, working toward a master's or doctoral degree, within two years of graduating from Berea College. The Bardusch Scholarship payment will be made directly to the graduate institution upon the student's enrollment.
*Nominee must demonstrate strength of character and a tendency toward humble, selfless, meaningful service to others.
*If the recipient does not enroll in graduate school within two years of graduating from Berea, he or she may keep the Sullivan Award but will not receive the Bardusch Scholarship payment.
*Deadline for nominations is 5 p.m., Friday, February 19, 2016.

To nominate a student:


Location: Stephenson Hall
Sponsor: Administration
Contact: Sheila Lyons
E-Mail sheila_lyons@berea.edu
ext 3935
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