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Sat, Jul 4, 2020
The "Islamic State" and Crises in the Middle East
(Educational Opportunity)

The "Islamic State" and the Crises in the Middle East
By Prof. Robert Olson

Free and open to Students, Staff, Faculty, Retirees and the Public.

Sponsored by the Center for International Education, as part of the Mundo Monthly series, in this year's international focus on the Middle East and North Africa.

Robert Olson is Professor Emeritus of Middle East History and Politics at the University of Kentucky. He is the author of The Siege of Mosul and Ottoman-Persian Relations, 1718-1743: A Study of Rebellion in the Capital and War in the Provinces of the Ottoman Empire (1975), translated into Arabic (1983); The Ba'th and Syria, 1947-1979: An Interpretative Historical Essay (1980); The Ba'th and Syria from the French Mandate to the Era of Hafez at-Asad, 1947-1982 (1982); The Emergence of Kurdish Nationalism and the Sheikh Said Rebellion: 1880-1925 (1989); translated into Turkish (1989); translated into Persian (1999); translated into Kurdish (2000); translated into Arabic (2008); ); (paperback) The Emergence of Kurdish Nationalism (1991); Imperial Meanderings and Republican By-Ways: Essays on Eighteenth Century Ottoman and Twentieth Century History of Turkey (1996); The Kurdish Question and Turkish-Iranian Relations: From World War I to 1998 (1998); revised and translated into Arabic under the title The Kurdish Question and Turkish-Iranian Relations: From World War I to 2000 (2001); translated into Persian (2002) with the title Masale Kurd va Revabet-e Iran va Turkiye/The Kurdish Question in Turkish-Iranian Relations in the Twentieth Century; Turkey's Relations with Iran, Syria, Israel and Russia, 1991-2000: The Kurdish and Islamist Questions (2001); translated into Turkish (2005); translated (online) into French (2005); translated into Persian (2011); Turkey's Relations with Iran, 1979-2004: War, Revolution, Ideology, War, Coups and Geopolitics (2004); translated into Turkish, 2005). The Goat and the Butcher: Nationalism and State Formation in Kurdistan-Iraq since the Iraqi War (2005); translated into Turkish, 2008; Blood, Beliefs and Ballots: The Management of Kurdish Nationalism in Turkey, 2007-2009 (2009); translated into Kurdish (2010); translated into Persian (2011); The Kurdish Nationalist Movements in Turkey, 1980-2011: Oppression, Resistance, War, Education in the Mother Tongue and Relations with the Kurdistan Regional Government (2011); translated into Persian (2013). Editor: Islamic and Middle Eastern Societies: A Festschrift in Honor of Wadie Jwaideh (1987); The Kurdish Movement in Turkey in the 1990s: Its Impact on Turkey and the Middle East (1996); Co-editor: Orientalism, Islam and Islamists (1985), translated into Turkish (1992), and Iran: Essays on a Revolution in the Making (1981). Professor Olson is the author of some 75 research articles, 90 essays and reference works and 250 book reviews.
He received the Best Book Award from the Third World Studies Association in 1999-2000. Olson was University Research Professor, 1991-1992; Distinguished Professor the College of Arts and Sciences, 1999-2000; Albert B. and Elizabeth H. Kirwan Memorial University Professor, 2000-2001.

Robert Olson and his colleague Professor Michael Gunter are considered to be the principal contributors to the establishment of Kurdish Studies in the United States. Together they have published 24 books, edited 9, and published 265 referred and editor approved articles, 100 essays and 400 book reviews. Of this number Olson has written 9 books, of which 7 have been translated 15 times: 6 into Turkish, 3 Arabic, 2 Persian, 2 Kurdish and 2 French. He has published 115 articles, 60 essays and 250 book reviews. He has also written over 100 hundred opinions pieces in the Today's Zaman, an English language newspaper published in Turkey and distributed in Europe and the Middle East. His The Kurdish Nationalist Movement in the 1990s: Its Impact on Turkey and the Middle East with a new introduction has just been reissued; The Emergence of Kurdish Nationalism and the Sheikh Said Rebellion, 1990-1925 (University of Texas Press) is currently being translated into Arabic in Erbil, Iraq-Kurdistan. It has already been translated into Turkish, Kurdish and Persian.

In 2013 he delivered papers on the situation of the Kurds in Turkey at Columbia University on 6 May (New York); Rand Corporation and CIA on 28 June (Washington, DC); Middle East Studies Association on 14 October (New Orleans) and Beirut, Lebanon, 27-30, November, 2013.

Location: Woods Penn Commons
Sponsor: Center for International Education
Contact: Jenna Zimmerman
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