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Today is:
Thu, Aug 6, 2020
Mindfulness Monday
(Health and Wellness)

Mindfulness Mondays
Noon - 1pm
Counseling Services/ Fairchild 100

Greeting to all students, Faculty & staff,

It is with great excitement that I am writing to introduce Mindfulness Mondays

Now that the Counseling Center has moved to our larger space, I would like to invite you to join me on Mondays during the lunch hour for ongoing Mindfulness practice...

As a KY licensed Psychotherapist practicing for the past 15 years - my primary strategy for helping others has been "Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy".
Through the course of my career I have been blessed to study with some of the Masters in this field and I am SO EXCITED to be able to bring the gifts of what I have learned to the Berea College Campus as a whole.

So please make plans to join me on the following Mondays during the noon - 1:00 pm hour for the remaining of the Semester.

Each Monday, we will have a specific topic of focus, and materials will be provided so that you walk away with tools to continue you mindfulness practice.
Again, I am super excited to share the gift of mindfulness with you - so I hope you join me for practice.

Cindy Reed, MSW, LCSW
Counseling Services

Upcoming Dates:
- October 19th
Turning the mind & neuroplasticity
- October 26th
Suffering and Letting Go (Sue Reimondo Ph.D.)
- November 2nd
Pranayama, mindfulness with the breath
- November 9th
Self- Compassion
- November 16th
Radical Acceptance
- November 23rd
Turning the mind & neuroplasticity

Location: Counseling Services
Sponsor: Fresh Start
Contact: Angela Taylor
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