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Thu, Jul 2, 2020
All Day
Deadline for Venice Theatre Internships for Summer 2014
(Career Focus)

Venice Theatre will be offering a range of internship opportunities for summer 2014, including acting, costumes, and production. Theatre and related majors are preferred, but all majors are considered. Students will have a chance to participate in educational outreach programs and learn about every aspect of a large, non-profit, community theatre (Venice Theatre is the 3rd largest community theatre in the U.S.). This summer will be even more exciting than usual, since VT is hosting an International Theatre Festival!

Please note that the deadline for applications is February 15th, and acting internship will require an audition (details are on the last page of the posting for Acting Intern) and VT recruiters will come to campus to conduct auditions.

Eight Berea students interned with Venice Theatre last summer, so if you missed the information session when recruiters were on campus for the Career Fair, you can certainly learn about the experience from those students.

Sponsor: Center for Transformative Learning
Contact: Esther Livingston
E-Mail livingstone@berea.edu
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