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Thu, Aug 13, 2020
What Does It Mean To Be Human?
(Educational Opportunity)

Science and Faith in Fruitful Conversations
What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Based on the success of the Science and Faith in Fruitful Conversation series at ECOS, we are excited to provide an opportunity for students by sponsoring a discussion series on Berea College's campus during the academic year.

This session will consist of a dinner and a panel discussion open to all students on campus. Five to seven students of different faith traditions and academic majors will be invited to serve on the panel. They will be asked to share their thoughts on how science and faith inform their worldview, and then will use their worldview to address the question of what means to be human.

All students are invited.

Location: Baird Lounge
Sponsor: Our Saviour, Canterbury Club, and Campus Christian Center
Contact: Campus Christian Center
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