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Tue, Jul 7, 2020

Thursday, March 16, 2017

 All Day
Words Walking
Upper Traylor Gallery
As a child, I learned Japanese calligraphy at school. When I was growing up, I watched my father, a calligrapher, practicing and saw how he ... more
Daydreaming in an Open Land
Lower Traylor Gallery
My drawings and paintings document how I grew into my Vietnamese-American identity. In my work, I reflect on themes of growth, integration, ... more
8 hours
Notary Service
Woods Penn
Notary Service is provided in our office between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday-Friday.
1hr 15m
Dinner on the Grounds: Mountain Hope
Educational Opportunity
Appalachian Center Gallery
Join the Appalachian Center for a light lunch over songs, stories, and oral histories with Michael and Carrie Kline.
1 hour
Internship Information: Now or Never
Career Focus
Stephenson Hall 226
If you want to do an internship this summer, but you haven't confirmed your options yet or you still have questions about the process, it's ... more
1 hour
Spiritual Seekers
Fireside Room, Draper
Seekers meets Thursdays at noon during fall and spring semesters. The program produces lively discussion and attracts a diverse group of st... more
1 hour
Let usTalk
Health and Wellness
Fairchild 100
Stressed? Anxious? Depressed? LET'S TALK!! Talk to trained therapist and other students with similar concerns. Every Thursday 12-1 Con... more
2 hours
Workshop on recording Oral Histories
Educational Opportunity
Appalachian Center Gallery
Join Michael and Carrie Kline as they discuss how to record Oral Histories and testimonials.
1 hour
Dress for Success: Hosted by Macy's
Career Focus
Baird Lounge
With only one chance to make a first impression, you want to get it right the first time. Join us for refreshments and professional style ad... more
1hr 30m
Contemplative Writing Group
Educational Opportunity
Women's and Gender Studies, Draper 106
Come write mindfully and creatively in a quiet, supportive atmosphere. All writers, campus and community, are welcome. Sessions are led by... more
2 hours
Phelps Stokes Auditorium
Carlos Nez, a preeminent artist on the Celtic music scene, comes from Galicia, Spain's Celtic region and is considered the undisputed mast... more
A Place to Pause
Health and Wellness
Fairchild, 2nd floor
A safe place to take a deep breath, enjoy a cup of tea, study, relax, or speak to a peer counselor (or even snuggle into a giant beanbag for... more
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