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Fri, Jul 3, 2020

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

 All Day
Registration for Fall 2014
Academic Calendar
Registration period for fall 2014 coures. Students may register with their "Registration Group". Registration is determined by the numbe... more
(Ends 4/06/14) Everyday Fictions by Jennifer Nelson
Upper Traylor Gallery, Art Building

12 hours
1hr 15m
Why You Should Be Reading Comics Today: Comics Last Name is Book, Not Con
Performing Arts
Main Floor of Hutchins, Behind the Printer Area
Troy Price, Comic Podcaster and Berea Alum,currently a Research and Prospects Manager in College Relations, will discuss: 1) the thematic... more
50 min
Peanut Butter and Gender
Educational Opportunity
Phelps Stokes Second Floor
"Another World is Necessary: Women Leading the Way" Gustavo Esteva, renowned intellectual activist in Mexico, and advisor to indigenous gr... more
30 min
Walking Wednesdays
Health and Wellness
Stairs in front of Lincoln or alternatively at the Track in Seabury
Walk is open to all Bereans (faculty, staff, retirees, students, community members). No need to change your clothes, just wear comfy shoes t... more
1 hour
Contemplative Photography
Performing Arts
Berea Arts Council
Libby Falk Jones will present "Seeing Mindfully," a selection of her photographs plus words from photographers, poets, and philosophers.
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