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Wed, Jul 8, 2020

Saturday, February 15, 2014

 All Day
Deadline for Venice Theatre Internships for Summer 2014
Career Focus
Venice Theatre will be offering a range of internship opportunities for summer 2014, including acting, costumes, and production. Theatre an... more
(Ends 3/14/14) Steady Diet of Nothing by Benjie Hue
Rogers Gallery, Art Building

9 hours
Cornell Weekend Resume Reviews & Mock Interviews
Career Focus
Center for Transformative Learning
Come have your resume reviewed and practice your interview skills in a mock interview with Berea College Trustee, Joe Bridy, and other frien... more
3 hours
Thesis Workshop with Peer Consultation
Educational Opportunity
Appalachian Center Gallery (First Floor, Stephenson Hall)
Peer Consultants from the Center for Transformative Learning invite you to their Thesis Workshop! B.Y.O.T. - bring your own thesis - and joi... more
1 hour
Lap Swim
Health and Wellness
Seabury Center

Latin Dance Lessons
Health and Wellness
Seabury Center, Dance Studio
Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Cumbia and more! For more information, please contact Olivia_Spooner@berea.edu or Sarah_Smith@berea.edu
1 hour
Rec Swim
Health and Wellness
Seabury Center

1hr 20m
Junior Showcase
Performing Arts
Gray Auditorium
The Junior Showcase will feature junior music majors: Lorenz Estrada, baritone; & Justin Jansky, piano
Berea Bash
Student Events
Alumni Building
Berea Bash 9-midnight Alumni Building
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