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Tue, Aug 4, 2020
The Art of Collaboration

This exhibition curtesy of the generous donors Gerry and Shelly Elliott. They started their collection after responding to an ad from Associated American Artists, New York City in fortnightly publication "The Reporter." They sent in twenty-five cents and received a catalogue and Mr. Elliott said, "the rest was history." Neither of them received "any formal art education. Mr. Elliott has a BA in Government from Beloit College and MA, ABD (all but dissertation), in Political Science from the University of Minnesota. Ms. Elliott has a BA in English from Chanpaign-Urbana, IL and a MS in English from the University of Wisconsin.

Location: Lower Traylor Gallery
Sponsor: Doris Ulmann Galleries
Contact: Dr. Meghan Doherty
E-Mail dulmanngalleries@berea.edu
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