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Sat, Aug 8, 2020
Lunch and Conversation: Experiential Reflection Across the Disciplines
(CELTS (Center for Excellence in Learning through Service))

Please join CELTS in a conversation with a mathematician, experiential education practitioner and Berea graduate, Dr. John Ramsay on Wednesday, October 4 in Stephenson Hall Room 208.

Experiential learning is the blending of a work or service experience with reflective learning. The learning experience can be most effective when we are intentional about using appropriate mentored reflection. This helps students understand and articulate the learning that comes from experience. How do we ask questions of students before, during and after work or service experiences as a way of encouraging them to connect it to other academic, personal and professional parts of their lives? We will explore the idea of "experiential reflection," as an aid to student learning, growth and professional development within work or service experiences, and identify practical questions and processes that can be used to accomplish this.

If you would like to attend lunch please RSVP to Sheila_Lyons@berea.edu by Monday, October 2.

Location: Room 208, Stephenson Hall
Sponsor: Administration
Contact: Ashley Cochrane
E-Mail ashley_cochrane@berea.edu
ext. 3605
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