Asian Student Union

Berea College, KY

Welcome to the Asian Student Union

The Asian Student Union serves as the ambassador of Asia to Berea College and Berea Community. Through fun events and cultural exhibitions, the ASU brings awareness and appreciation of the Asian cultures, values, ideas and traditions.

ASU stands for having a lot of fun, making new friends and experiences. Throughout the years ASU has brought many sctivities such as Spring fest, Asian Dances, ASU cook-out, Anime night, Dance parties, Birthday parties, Asian Movie nights, and many more. Members have enjoyed their membership to the fullest and the attendees of our events have left with new experiences, strong impressions and intentions to joing the ASU.

This year, it will be the most active and best club to attend on campus! Led by representatives from the very core of Asian Culture, ASU has succeeded in accomplishing its mission throughout tis existance. This new semester ASU will take you around Asia.