Willis Weatherford  : President 1967 - 1984


• Willis Weatherford was inaugurated October 26, 1967 as Berea's sixth president. Issues surrounding the war in Vietnam and the Civil Rights movement affected Berea just like other colleges and universities throughout the United States, yet Berea College and its students responded in ways that seemed uniquely Berean.

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• On October 24, The Great Commitments - the most concise expression of the College's character and mission, are formally adopted by the trustees.

• Danforth Men's Residence Hall is dedicated on November 4.

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• Eugene and Virginia Kettering Women's Residence Hall is dedicated on July 17.

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• The Tabernacle (fondly remembered as "The Tab") is destroyed by fire. The structure had served variously as an open-sided pavilion, chapel, and theatre housing the "Berea Players."

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• Melvin Traylor Memorial Art Building is dedicated on April 29.

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• Ross Jelkyl Drama Center is dedicated on October 24.

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• Sebastian Mueller Woodcraft Building is dedicated on May 6.

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