William J. Hutchins : President 1920 - 1939


• William J. Hutchins becomes Berea's fourth president, on October 22, 1920. He had studied Greek under Frost while a student at Oberlin, and succeeded his former teacher at Berea. Hutchins recognized the remarkable changes in Appalachia and the United States in the wake of World War I, noting, "...we who work in Berea today inhabit a world and minister to a world radically different from that in which our predecessors lived, even a score of years ago. Adaptation, which has been the very watchword of Berea will force upon us changes of emphasis and possible changes of method."

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• President Hutchins asks that all bequests be placed exclusively in the endowment and similar purposes. Trustees develop such a policy.


• Sunshine Ballard Cottage for Fireside Industries is dedicated. It is still in use for weaving.

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• On January 7, Berea becomes a liberal arts college.

• President William Hutchins addresses students in Phelps Stokes Chapel on Labor Day.

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• The new Union Church is dedicated on Sept 17th.

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• Mary Emery/Women's Industrial Building is dedicated on October 18.

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• George Washington Carver speaks at Berea College.

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• The first Danish folk school for adult education is held.

• Elizabeth Embree Rogers Hall is dedicated on February 14.

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• "Opportunity School" begins and continues to 1950. The school was for men and women who were "dissatisfied with the dullness of their lives, for plain young people who were not illiterate nonthinkers, but who vaguely craved stimulation and guidance to new interests, though they could at that time attend school for only a few weeks."


• Woods-Penniman Women's Gymnasium dedicated on October 23.

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• Vincent Goldthwait Memorial Agriculture Building is dedicated on October 18th.

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• Charles Ward Seabury Gymnasium for Men dedicated on November 16.

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• Charles Martin Hall Science Building dedicated on April 28.

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• Presser Hall Music Building, housing Gray Auditorium, is dedicated on May 29.

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• John Almanza Rowley Rogers Art Building is dedicated on April 26.

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• Library Reading Room, in the Carnegie Library building, is dedicated on June 1.

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• Danforth Chapel is dedicated on May 29.

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• Jesse Preston Draper Memorial Building, Berea's largest classroom building, is dedicated on June 6.

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• The Broomcraft Building is dedicated on November 20.

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