William Goodell Frost : President 1893 - 1920


• William Goodell Frost is formally inaugurated as Berea's third president on June 21, 1893. He influenced every aspect of campus life from building design, to curricular reforms, to student rules and regulations, and promoted the needs of "Appalachian America."

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• As part of Berea College's commencement, the first Homespun Fair is held, featuring handmade goods from the region.

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• Liberal Arts/Humanities Building is dedicated on October 31st.


• The college catalog of 1900 talked of an outreach program; "The College reaches out to the surrounding region with benefits of libraries, institutes, lectures, and Sunday schools, as an organized extension for humanity's sake. . . ., (bringing) the advantages of learning and the gifts of science to all the people of this region."

• William Jennings Bryan visits Berea College.

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• John G. Fee dies.

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• The Rustic Cottage/Green Building is built.

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• Trustee Addison Ballard promotes a modern water system for the campus.

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• Carter G. Woodson graduates from Berea College and goes on to become the "Father of Black History.

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• Miss Sarah B. Fay (shown left) provides funds for the purchase of forest land.

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• Parish House/Academy Chapel dedicated on May 10.

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• Edwards/Men's Industrial building, constructed by students, is dedicated on December 4.

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• On January 12, Carl Day (D) of Breathitt County, Kentucky, introduces a school segregation bill, dubbed The Day Law, targeting Berea College.

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• Berea College waterworks dedicated on October 21-22.


• For the first time, on June 15, fresh mountain water from the Berea College watershed flows through wooden pipes to the College campus.

• The Carnegie Library (Frost) building is dedicated on June 6.

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• Student-built Phelps Stokes Chapel is dedicated on January 7. Chapel is a gift of Olivia Phelps Stokes, of New York.

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• On June 5th, the George Bruce Printing Building (center) is dedicated.

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• On November 9, the Supreme Court of the United States upholds The Day Law, forcing Berea College to segregate. As a result, Berea established Lincoln Institute in Shelby County as an all-black institution.

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• Boone Tavern built to house the many guests coming to Berea. Eleanor Frost realized the need for a guest house after she'd provided lodging and meals for more than 300 guests in her home during the summer of 1908.

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• On October 29th, the Berea College Board of Trustees votes to "limit contests with other colleges . so . as not to . tempt our students to make athletics a too absorbing pursuit."

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• The United States Department of Agriculture appoints Frank Montgomery, a trained agriculturalist, as Special Investigator for Berea College and the U.S.D.A. (now known as a county agent.) This was the first such federal appointment made in the state and the fifth in the United States as a whole.


• Knapp Hall is dedicated on December 16th and 17th.

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• Kentucky Hall is dedicated on October 4th.

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• James Talcott Hall is dedicated in June.

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• The Log House/Log Palace is dedicated on May 2. Today it houses the Log House Craft Gallery.

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• James Hall is dedicated on September 3.

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