Edward Henry Fairchild : President 1869 - 1890


• Edward Henry Fairchild becomes Berea's first president on July 7, 1869. The first collegiate class (of five members) was admitted in Fairchild's inaugural year, joining students in the Primary, Intermediate, Preparatory, Normal, and Ladies' departments.

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• Borrowed books from Berea helped remote Appalachian communities set up Sunday Schools.

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• On July 2nd, Berea trustees approve interracial mixing in social situations.


• Berea's first brick structure, Julia Maria Fairchild Ladies' Hall, dedicated on September 24.

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• The first Mountain Day, May 12.

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• Gothic College Chapel built.

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• In June, the faculty expands to include Greek, Latin, and science professors.


• Lincoln Hall built, funded largely by Roswell C. Smith, publisher of Century Magazine.

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